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Who are we?

We have faced many challenges, adventures, audacious moments, emotions, storms, fears and anxieties. Many times we had to be daring and inventive. With the momentum brought by will and courage, our life path continues, with a passion that remains intact – passion for real estate, for urban planning, for our cities and for people.

Imagining and building for other people means adding value to our societies: human values because real estate transforms the cities so we can live in them together better; collective values because real estate creates places where interpersonal connections are made, heritage value because real estate is also a wealth that we create for transmission.

This is how Constructa knows and loves the world.

IN MEMORIAM : Marc Pietri, President of the group Constructa 1946-2020

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Manifesto of a committed group

Social & Environmental Responsabilty

Family-oriented, and therefore guided by the values of responsibility, cohesion, sharing, respect and generosity, the family-friendly Constructa group practiced CSR even before it became a rightful action essential in the design and management of business development.

For Constructa, to lead a project whatever it is, the most important thing is to respect the environment, both natural and social — to understand the lifestyle, and how to live together. That means considering history, rites, and traditions in order to adapt and be able always to propose solutions that will improve on what already exists.
Our philosophy is above all to be able to “give back” to the territory that allowed us to develop projects. We cannot win if we lose on the environmental front.

At Constructa, we believe that this is our responsibility. We must be able to support or create initiatives that will develop and foster living together.
From the protection of sea turtles on the coast of Florida during its major American projects, to philanthropic actions carried out in a discreet way for several decades, through an attachment to parity and the diversity of the profile of its collaborators, Constructa, under the leadership and ethics of the Pietri family, sees itself as a stakeholder in both the society and the environment in which the group operates.
Since 1964, Constructa is above all a story of man and a story of water.
It is therefore natural that these two pillars are the mainstays of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.


Because at Constructa we cherish the passion of men and their history. We like to understand what made in the past and what will make the city in the future: social networking, exchanges, rites. There is a humanistic vision in the literal sense of the term that infuses and inspires the top management beginning with the Presidency and extending through the governance of the group.

At Constructa, we put our faith in women, men and their skills. Once recruited, employee well-being, team spirit and cohesion are at the heart of top-management’s concerns. That’s also part of the family spirit.

In addition, Constructa has always considered large real estate projects as opportunities to reach out to that part of the public which has been prevented from participating in or has been dropped from the dynamics of employment. The youngest ones first of all– because nothing is more important for young people coming from primary education networks than access to guidance, and therefore to adequate training. Social links and social reintegration via construction sites and projects have always been both human and social reflexes at Constructa.

Our commitments

Because we need more than ever a shared story and because we have a common history, Constructa supports the National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research. This sponsorship links two activities that may seem at odds but which, for us, are complementary. When we build the city of tomorrow, the project only makes sense if it draws its development from its origins, creating an historical, cultural, and social singularity. To understand and share a common story is to be able to create for those who build the city today a project that is contextually adapted to living together. Among the most striking engagements are the excavations of a major real estate program on hill of Saint Charles in Marseille, a few steps from the train station, which revealed that there was a Marseille that existed before Marseille, where the first village of hunter-gatherers was settled before 6000 BC!

Constructa accompagne l’internat de la réussite de Nanterre avec une ambition, montrer, au travers nos projets, la diversité des métiers mobilisés : de l’architecte au conducteur de travaux, de l’ingénieur à l’avocat, du promoteur au commercial. Ce que nous souhaitons c’est offrir à ces jeunes la possibilité d’être marqués par un métier et de pouvoir ainsi définir un projet d’orientation scolaire et universitaire adapté.

Cornerstone of our main projects, developed with Pôle Emploi (the state employment agency) and the major territorial partners. Through the various stages of our projects -- design, studies, construction, and operation -- we consolidate the amount of work to be done and then aim to create jobs --first to the jobless, but also towards the youngest applicants with qualified training. The result, La Tour La Marseillaise, is the result of 900 consolidated and created jobs, and a 400% increase in the goal to increase working-hours for people in reintegration. Our major projects must be accelerators of employment and return jobs to the region if we are to be truly successful.


Because it is inseparable from family history. If man is composed of 60% water, for the members of the Pietri family it’s even more than that!
This passion for the aquatic world is reflected in the iconic projects hallmarked by Constructa. On rivers, lakes, seas, or oceans, Constructa has become the leading real estate specialist in French projects along the water.
At Constructa, we believe that water is the engine of history, an accelerator of economic development, and a cultural influence worldwide. Did not the Venetians, at the height of their power, say, “Who holds the sea, holds the land”?

We are aware of how fortunate this is and of the duty we have to protect our waters.
Lakes, seas, rivers and oceans, in addition to representing more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, are today the future of the Earth and no matter how resilient they may be, there is no chance of replenishing them… and there is no spare ocean.

Based on these considerations, this natural element, water, is the “blue gold” of the 21st century and therefore the main focus of the group’s CSR policy.

At Constructa, we want our commitments to be pragmatic, timely, and effective.

For us, it is a question of doing rather than saying — at the level of the group but also subsidiary by subsidiary.

What guides us is the common sense and effectiveness of the Amerindian hummingbird legend:

One day, says the legend, there was a huge forest fire. All the animals were terrified, aghast, watching the disaster helplessly. Only the little hummingbird was busy, flying from here to there to get a few drops of water with its beak to throw them on the fire. After a moment, the armadillo, annoyed by this derisory agitation, said to him: “Hummingbird! You’re crazy! Those little drops of water will not extinguish the fire! “

And the hummingbird said, “I know it, but I’m doing my part.”

Our commitments

NGO based in Marseille that supports major scientific projects to facilitate the safeguarding of the sea and oceans by promoting the resilience of their biodiversity. For its part, Pure Ocean assists the subsidiary Constructa Asset Management in the sourcing of a surface maintenance offer with the objective of obtaining zero pollution of groundwater. We are also developing, with Pure Ocean, some educational training kits for primary schools.

When we are committed to people and water, and we are a company born in Marseille, which partner is more natural, more obvious for us than the CNM? Constructa and the CNM work together on experience-sharing programs because top-level sport can be an example of how to fuel a company’s desire for excellence, and vice versa. We are also proud to collaborate in our citizen projects with NMC athletes and management teams. They participated inour first “Race for Pure Ocean” and will continue to be part of all our programs in which water and its protection are in the spotlight. With the CNM, beyond this love for water, we share the values of rigor, surpassing oneself, discipline and also the dream -- the thing that often results in the most crazy success. High performance sport is a battle, but a battle where the values of respect and commitment predominate. This is how we “live” real estate.