Groupe Constructa

Large-scale mixed-use projects

Conceive innovative urban solutions in order to plan a better way to live together, work together and make metropolitan areas more attractive.

– Complex City –


Faced with a city that is densifying and growing to new heights, facing a cityscape that will be renewed without being stripped of nature, meeting the overall technical and human challenges facing a city… it’s clear that a global response is needed..

Constructa knows this and has specialized in complex restructuring in dense urban environments, high rise buildings (IGH), as well as urban redevelopment of industrial sites.

Sometimes we build the city on top of the city, such as with the promotion of three high-rise buildings in Geneva; sometimes we reconquer the port in Marseille, allowing the inhabitants to renew their enjoyment of Les Quais d’Arenc, and sometimes we create a new offer of 200 housing units, creating the mixed-use neighborhood Bois Sauvage in Evry.

Milestone operations, in which Constructa takes the role of master builder. With a mission: to accompany the owners, often institutional, from the creation of the concept to the realization of their future project. No matter how complex is it.