Groupe Constructa


Use agile and creative ways to serve major luxurious properties.

– VIPS –

The strength and value of the Constructa of- fer is its ability to take care of the needs of a broad spectrum of customers — from the most modest, by facilitating their first-time buy, to the most demanding, with high-end products.

For this wealthy clientele looking for a place that is both unique and prestigious, Con- structa has imported from the United States the concept of “Branded Suites”: luxurious hotel suites that can be acquired by a guest for his exclusive enjoyment for a given number of years.

Thus, at the heart of the mythical Carlton Hotel on the French Riviera in Cannes, you can now own your own suite, fully furnished and decorated by the famous interior de- signer Tristan Auer, while having unlimited access to all the services of the residence.

Calling one of the most beautiful hotels in the world “home” is a dream of luxury for guests who appreciate prestigious brands. It’s now a reality thanks to Constructa.