Groupe Constructa

First-time buyers market

Participate in the development of a better housing quality and find creative solutions for the first-time purchasers.

– More soul –

It is understood: in terms of real estate, the shape is of vital importance. But what is essentially happening? What is the meaning and scope of the job of developer and manager today? Constructa has long given an unequivocal answer to this question by assuming the responsibility we believe is ours: that of an actor committed to urban progress, that puts humans in the center of this dynamic action.

And to turn talk into action, it has been more than 20 years since our Group has been working on home ownership, producing affordable housing for everyone. We do this in a spirit of urban renewal, with the desire to recreate the city through mixed use — in the heart of the city or on the periphery — while offering eco-friendly neighborhoods at reasonable prices, as well as housing adapted to people with special needs.

But a developer, though he may be a good citizen, cannot act alone. So we put all our energy to unite around this issue all stakeholders – local authorities, local operators, financiers … – who are eager to create a concrete translation or these societal values that bring us together. Because “building together” enables us to “living together”.