Groupe Constructa


Put environmental issues at the heart of our real estate endeavors, commit to durable development.

– The city in a natural setting –

The city of tomorrow will be ecological. This is an environmental imperative, and Constructa lives it today by realizing real estate programs that meet the best standards in terms of energy efficiency through eco-designed buildings, high-performance technical equipment and the use of sustainable materials.

La Tour La Marseillaise is one of the most beautiful illustrations: no environmental compromise, in compliance with the most demanding international standards. For the first time in France, a building is approaching excellence in sustainable development with environmental certifications such as HQE® Excellent Level and LEED Gold. Tradeoff for this flagship tow- er for Constructa: rationalization of costs, competitiveness, and innovation, with the use of marine thermal energy to supply heat and air conditioning in this high rise building in Marseille.

This commitment to environmental excellence is a matter of conviction for a family group that has long been committed to reducing the ecological footprint of its buildings. A question of future sustain- ability, too, for the regions we serve.