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Urban Development

Words sometimes struggle to translate reality. Thus the term “R.E. development” appears too restrictive to tell the truth about this business as we live it at Constructa. For if, ultimately, we “develop” something, it is above all our vision of a city with a human face that matters: every project we undertake must first serve the interests of the men and women who will be the final beneficiaries.


sites under studies

2 500

housing units for 36 programs in portfolio

1 700
housing units for 25 projects under construction

Contractor and Partner

Constructa designs and develops real estate operations. Our experience in the field of delegated project management makes us a solid partner, serving ambitious urban projects as well as dwellings accessible to all.

As a service provider in delegated project management on behalf of urban rehabilitation and development projects, Constructa Promotion has developed a unique expertise in habitat diversification, environmental innovation, sustainability of buildings, and cost control. Today, we are the privileged partner of local communities, particularly in their urban renewal projects. But we are also a citizen developer with our brand Propria, committed to developing a multi-family housing offer that meets the needs of first-time buyers.

Three principle segments

The “Constructa Promotion” teams develops mixed real estate programs in three segments: housing, offices, and hotels and service-residences.


For over 20 years, Constructa Promotion has specialized in the realization and conceptualization of high- and very high-end homes with innovative services & features, housing security, sports equipment … Through our citizen brand Propria, we’ve developed an offer of multi-family dwellings in response to the needs of first-time home buyers.

Programs qualifying for tax exemption are also offered through the headquarters of Constructa Promotion in the Ile de France Paris region, the Grand-est, Rhone-Alpes and in the south of France.

– Les Cabanes du Lac, Aix-Les-Bains –

– Tour La Marseillaise, Marseille –


Complementing its housing expertise, Constructa Promotion has dual know-how in developing office projects:

On the one hand, we have undertaken major office renovations, particularly in Parisian buildings of character.

On the other hand, and more recently, we are developing new offices, particularly in the Euroméditerranée new business district in Marseille.


The Constructa hotel experience began in the United States, alongside the French giant in the sector, the Accor Group. For this prestigious client, we completed ultra high-end Sofitel hotels in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington. Capitalizing on this international experience, Constructa Promotion works today in partnership with various players in the development of major hotel projects in France.

Anticipating a growing demand, Constructa Promotion has also positioned itself in the service-residence sector, responding to community expectations and in light of the challenges of our time. The changing trends at the heart of societies requires envisioning a new generation of residences, daring to try mixed initiatives in which diverse publics live together.

– Respir’, Evry –

Large urban projects