Groupe Constructa


Rise up to the challenges and complexity and become a high-rise expert.

– View from above –

Piercing the sky to see the city in a new light: from its high-rise buildings (Immeubles de Grande Hauteur – IGH), Constructa offers its customers another perspective on urban planning.

Throughout the years, our Group has earned its stripes in the design and construction of buildings capable of being close to the clouds. Sofitel of New York, Tour Egee in La Defense, or the legendary Tour La Marseillaise in the heart of this ancient Phoenician city are all totems, which pay tribute to Consructa’s international know- how.

Whether for own projects or those of major institutional contractors, we take care of everything: urban, societal, social, and environmental integration; concept creation, definition of uses, the functional, technical and technical programming; technological, architectural brief, design, implementation; financial, legal, administrative and insurance right through delivery; interior design, installation for users, and establishment of services. Not to mention creating the communication and support strategy in place throughout the project.

And in case there’s a need for specific knowledge of the rental marketing and the transfer of an IGH: Constructa is there, again and always.