Groupe Constructa

Michel Smadja

Director of Constructa Private Services

Michel Smadja has over 30 years of experience in real estate. Before joining the Constructa Group, Michel spent over 10 years in leadership positions in the Vivendi group (formerly General des Eaux), first as Director of Property Management and then in the Development Department.

Michel Smadja joined Constructa in 1999 to participate in the creation of Constructa Asset Management (the first structure of asset management & recovery for third parties established in France) where he became Head of Asset Management. As such he became agent for the major investment funds of large International Banks (Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Invesco…)

In 2005, he became Head of Real Estate Investments and developed a strong expertise in various real estate asset categories.

In 2011, he was appointed Managing Director of Constructa Private Services, the most recent subsidiary established in the Constructa Group, dedicated to private investors.

Michel Smadja holds a specialized graduate degree in Real Estate Law from the University Paris XII.

Director of Constructa Private Services